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I "hung out my shingle" after passing the BAR in 2004. I did not want to work for a big law firm and I did not want to be killing myself with billable hours. My goal was to provide those who could not afford an attorney with access to the legal system at a lower cost without compromising the quality of their legal representation. Since I have been in practice, I have handled a wide range of matters including criminal law, family law, landlord/tenant issues, personal injury, entertainment law, taxation, business start-ups, estate planning & administration, real estate and immigration.

My criminal caseload includes charges of murder, manslaughter, robbery, burglary, theft, human trafficking, forced labor, drug offenses, traffic violations, etc.

In the Chancery Division-Family Part, I have handled divorces, annulments, child support matters, child custody matters, domestic violence and cases involving DYFS.

I have worked for The Law Office of Frank J. Martone, P.C., Clifton, NJ; The Law Office of Joan O. Pinnock, P.C., Englewood, NJ and The Law Office of Golding & Associates, New York, NY. Prior to becoming an attorney, I worked in investment banking and also ran my own business DSCI. I also worked as an online journalist at World Media Network in Paris, France.

I am fully committed to providing my clients with outstanding, efficient and reliable service.

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